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Unidentified filming locations identified!


Thanks to the assistance of fellow fans Aaron from San Francisco, and Jonathan from San Clemente (again!), I can scratch two filming locations off the unidentified locations list.

Aaron immediately recognized the unique facade of the "China Man Bar" building in The Hard Breed to be a long-established bar in North Beach on Grant Avenue. Interestingly, the facade of this bar is still intact as seen in the Streets episode more than 40 years ago, just the colour has changed.

Jonathan did another amazing research to solve the mystery of the hospital stills used in season 1 episode Legion of the Lost and season 3 episode Solitaire. Season 4 episode Men Will Die now offered a completely different perspective and a total view of the hospital building as well as an intersection right in front of it. The dark street sign fueled our common suspicion this hospital might have been located in Southern California, and Jon put the pieces together and finally found it. The (former main) building shown in all three episodes does not exist anymore - it was probably demolished around 2006/07 - but the adjacent complex is still existing.

These two identifications bring down the list of yet unidentified filming locations to as low as four! I would like to encourage all of you to check out the unidentified filming locations page so that we can solve the remaining mysteries. I do appreciate your help!


Screencaps for Ep 4.04 added

I have just added the screencaps for Men Will Die to the episodes' page. A rather disturbing story starts out when Nancy, a friend of Mike's daughter Jeannie, is coming to his house after she was raped by two men the night before. Mike as well as Jeannie are trying to provide as much help as they can, and following a line-up - in which Nancy can identify one of the rapists, Jack Marlin, - everything seems to be proceeding well. In order to find mental help, Jeannie accompanies Nancy to a support group for female victims of violence, somehow led by crusading attorney Catherine Wyatt, and learns several details about violence against women and how the women's situation is often complicating just punishment for the offenders. Nancy is threatened by the second guy who escaped the police, and in a condition of panic and fear, she shoots him down. Now the justice system turns against her, treating her like a regular murderer. Jeannie is upset by the way the system works, and her father's explications make her even more furious. She joins Catherine Wyatt and supports the women's activist group, however, a rather irrational leaflet campaign against Nancy's rapist - who was released by the police in the meantime – puts her own life in danger. No need to tell that Mike is totally upset by his daughter's irrational action, but following Nancy's pre-trial and court's decision to accept the district attorney's impeachment for first degree murder, Nancy tries to commit suicide by jumping down City Hall's gallery. Due to this act of desperation and Nancy's severe injuries, Mike asks Jeannie for help: as a really caring woman, he wants her to talk to one of  Marlin's earlier victims (who would not talk about the traumatic event to the police). Little do our two cops know that Catherine Wyatt tries to provoke Marlin in order to finally wipe this piece of scum out. Mike and Steve literally arrive in the very nick of time in order to prevent another murder.

Filming for this episode starts out in North Beach where Jeannie's friend, Nancy, is raped in 'Bill Graham's 1333' on Columbus Avenue. When police approaches the area, Marlin and his fellow try to escape on Beach Street, passing The Cannery, and they are finally booked in front of one of the piers at the waterfront. We are also taken to Mike's house several times as well as to SFPD headquarters building and SF City Hall. Mike and Steve are talking to Marlin's earlier victim, Miss Bennington, in a downtown cafe at Maden Lane, whereas Nancy's place is on Baker Street right across the Palace of Fine Arts. Marlin and his girlfriend are having lunch in the Mission Bay, the same location (famous 'Galerie de Blanche') was used for Marlin's private party. While investigating the case, Mike and Steve are driving up Haight-Ashbury to talk to Mrs. Green. Following Nancy's attempt to commit suicide, she's taken to hospital. The production crew used stock footage for the exterior view of a hospital in Southern California, whereas the actual interior scenes as well as the epilogue sequence were filmed at the Davies Campus of CPMC at Duboce Avenue.


Screencaps for Ep 4.03 added

I have just added the screencaps for No Place to Hide to the episodes' page. Organized prison gangs and drug dealing make up the plot for this episode. Drug dealer Jack Constantine, who has just been released from prison, immediately turns back into his old business. He uses a white gang in Holton penitentiary, leaded by Carl Metzger, in order to put pressure on other - unorganized - inmates and to force them and their wives to smuggle his drugs behind the prison walls. Prisoners who are not a member of a gang are fair game for anybody - and inmates who are not willing to follow Metzger's asking for a favour are threatened with death. Homicide gets involved when a young woman, Jennifer O'Brien, is murdered while doing her washing in a local laundry. The trail leads Mike and Steve into Holton penitentiary - and to the network of organized crime on this side as well as beyond the prison walls. It turns out that Jennifer O'Brien did not follow Constantine's demand so he got her killed by one of his henchman. Her husband, Robert, wants revenge but he finally ends up stabbed down by Metzger on the prison's recreation yard. That's when the white gang approaches another convict, Lou King, who used to be kind of a friend of killed Robert O'Brien. Scared by the killing of both, O'Brien and his wife, King agrees to Metzger's demand and asks his own wife, Rita, to be prepared for a smuggling job. Constantine gets in touch with the attractive young woman, demonstrates her how to get the drugs inside - by putting a balloon filled with heroin under her tongue and then transferring the bubble by kissing her man - and suggestively approaching her. After Rita delivered the first package, Constantine gets back to her, asking her to take the double load next time. Rita, however, is sick of Constantine's threats to murder both her and her husband as well as coming on to her for sexual favours, so she finally makes an indication to Stone and Keller but wants them to get her husband safe first, otherwise she would not tell anything. Constantine, troubled by police permanently talking to Rita, makes a fatal decision that would break his back. He wants to get rid of Rita, so he breaks into her house in order to kill her. Lucky Rita, Mike and Steve are just on their way to her concerning the judge's statement on getting her husband released for protection. Just when Constantine is about to fight her down, Mike and Steve get into her house and bust him. This episode finally wins for two reasons: beautiful Stefanie Powers in her second appearance on the show, and one of those terrific dialogues when Steve rags Mike for Lou King's new, "highy-sophisticated" name under the witness protection program. Steve (laughing): "John Smith? That's very original! Who thought of that?" Mike (dry-witted and looking stonily): "Me!" Steve (hesitantly): "Smith. I like it, yeah! I like it! It’s got a good ring to it!". Mike (still looking stonily): "Just drive, will ‘ya?! Just drive!".

The opening sequence was filmed in a laundromat at Noe Street, close to the intersection of Market and Noe, Steve later talks to the witness on the campus of San Francisco State University. Lots of this episode's filming was accomplished in a complex that served as 'Holton penitentiary', a fictional prison name for the Bay Area. Rita King is working at an elementary school close to Mount Davidson, and the Kings' house is located in Ashbury Heights. Mike drives down to Miraloma in order to question Jack Constantine, whereas Steve interviews former mob henchman Joe Max in front of his house in Ingleside Terraces. Rita meets with Constantine at Candlestick Point - where Joe Max is murdered - and, following Constantine's arrest, Mike and Steve drop off Rita and Lou King at the Downtown Airline Terminal which used to be located downtown at 375 O'Farrell Street.

Screencaps for Ep 4.02 added

I have just added the screencaps for The Glass Dart Board to the episodes' page. Newly promoted Captain Joseph Keely, an old companion of Mike, and his force is challenged by a sniper who randomly fires at the Balboa Towers, a new high-rise office building in downtown San Francisco, killing innocent people. Soon after, the building's manager receives a ransom demand in the amount of a million dollars - threatening him with more attacks and dead people in case he would not fulfill the claim. Homicide designs a broadly conceived observation of the building, however, the new Captain (who is rather a formalist among the force) interferes by applying his own tactical approaches - which is much to Mike's dislike since Keely also moves personnel from the streets and observation spots back to headquarters for research. Keely wants the department to systematically identify and catch the assassin by using 'PERT - Program Evaluation and Review Technique', a method he developed. This is much in contrary to the regular street and observation work pursued through Mike's operation, and the intermediate results aren't convincing either. The disagreement between the two former companions is getting even worse when Keely intervenes in a nightly chase which finally leads the police to lose the scent of the sniper - but following this decisive blowback, Keely pulls back from operations decisions and clears the way for Mike and Steve to go ahead. It turns out that it's not a former employee of the company that actually raised the building or of the hundreds of businesses based in the office towers - but a man who was forced to sell his property to the company which designed and built Balboa Towers and is now seeking payback. Homicide is on a race against the time as Truax already announced additional shooting and possible victims within the next few hours.

This episode has got a nice variety of downtown filming locations - most of which are still existing. In the opening scene, Mike picks up Steve at his house on telegraph hill. They are crusing down Union St towards Washington Square, and passing by Two Embarcadero Center at Sacramento and Front Streets, just before we see Truax shooting at One Embarcadero Center from a rooftop which turns out to be at 500 Sansome Street when he leaves the building. He then changes location, parks his car on California just off Front Street, and enters a building for another rooftop shooting. This area was demolished and rebuilt in the late 1970's, the block east of California and Front houses the office tower at 101 California Street nowadays. Mike and Steve are talking to 'Balboa Towers' (i.e. Embarcadero Center) manager Eli Mason in his office on an upper floor of Two Embarcadero Center, and Truax moves on to the Vaillancourt Fountain for his next shooting on the building (the stairway leading right 'into' the sculpture is still there today). By night, Truax parks his car at the intersection of Clay and Davis Streets, firing at Two Embarcadero again. Following the failed chase due to Captain Keely's decisions, Mike has a debate with him on Ferry Plaza, and the following day Truax fires at Two Embarcadero from a hotel room at the Hyatt Regency. The failed ransom pay & bust takes place at Golden Gate Park, and being on Truax' trail, Mike and Steve are asking questions at the architects' office which is housed in former ferry boat 'Klamath' moured at Pier 5. They are finally arriving at Truax's aparment which is located on a dead end of Green Street - actually just one block away from Steve's apartment.

Screencaps for Ep 4.01 added

I have just added the screencaps for Poisoned Snow to the episodes' page. Undercover narcotics inspector George Turner's girlfriend, Maggie Collins - also a narcotics officer - is killed in a side alley of the red-light district in a failed buy-and-bust deal while Turner's best friend and colleague, Phil, observed the deal via radio. Turner is out for revenge, ignoring another problem which his ex-wife, Judy, tries to address: their teenage son, Andy, is changing to the worse. Although she is not aware what exactly it is, Judy asks her husband to have his eye on Andy. Following Maggie's death and the Captain's decision to pulls Turner out, the embittered inspector puts pressure on some of the junkies he knows in order to get information on future heroin deliveries to drug dealer Woody Parks, whose main street drug dealer Nappy was the one who is supposed to be the killer of Maggie. Turner finally gets the info he needs, and without his partner's knowledge he spikes Park's freshly-delivered heroin with a lethal portion of rat poison in order to ruin Park's business and to bring his street drug dealer out of his shell. Following the death of several junkies it soon becomes apparent to our two cops and the narcotics department that some bad batch of heroin is being distributed on the streets. Being on his personal mission to take vengeance for Maggie's death, Turner blinks the fact that his son who is frequently asking for some money is also addicted to drugs. In the meantime, Mike and Steve are getting closer to poor Cajun, the young guy who brought Maggie to dealer Nappy, and who in fact shot her down unintentionally when Nappy recognized Maggie to be a narcotics cop. Right before they can nail Cajun, the latter ends up getting his own dose of poisoned heroin. When they find Cajun dead and his girlfried badly needing help, Turner gets the news that his son was taken to hospital due to a dose of poisoned heroin. Andy dies, and George is busted for the deaths he brought to the junkie scene - and to his own son; positive bottom line is that Mike and Steve can bust Parks who is on escape after Nappy tried to kill him. This is one of the most disturbing but interesting episodes of series, dealing with a very contemporary topic of that time. And it wins for Luke Skywalker's appearance, of course.

The season 4 opener offers a nice variety of downtown filming locations. George and Maggie are onto a former parking lot which now houses the Westlake office building at Pacific and Montgomery. Maggie is dropped of by Phil at Columbus and Grant, and meets Cajun in famous 'Saloon' bar just one block up at Fresno and Grant. In the meantime, Turner meets his ex-wife and and his son in another corner of North Beach, right in front of Garfield Elementary School on Filbert, offering that nice camera perspective with Coit Tower behind and above the actors. Cajun and Maggie are seeing drug dealer Nappy in a back alley of Kearny, just off Broadway, whereas Maggie's funeral is held at Land's End. Turner obtains the rat poison in a pharmacy located at Washington Square Park. Drug dealer Park's apartment is located in the Brocklebank Apartments building on Nob Hill, whereas the 'Yerba Buena Free Clinic' is located on Potrero Hill, at 18th and Missouri. In an effort to alert the junkie scene and to find out who distributed the poisoned heroin, several busts are made in the North Beach area. Phil chases Cajun through the back door of the 'Yerba Buena' clinic across a school yard which is actually several blocks away in the Dogpatch of Potrero Hill, and Cajun's apartment is located very close on Minnesota Street. Following the bad news on Turner's son, our cops are accompanying George and Phil to CPMC Davies Campus, and finally Mike and Steve can bust Parks on the run on the Great Highway just south of famous Cliff House.

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