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Screencaps for Ep 3.23 added & Season 3 completed!

I have just added theĀ screencaps for Solitaire to the episodes' page. When Mike and Steve are responding to a support request, they are literally clopping into a drug deal that just went busted. Mike traces a suspect who is trying to get away but finally nails the guy, whereas Steve is shot down by another runner. It turns out that Mike actually booked undercover narcotics officer Albert Wozynsky who was about to capture local drug lord Marks. Upset by the burst takedown, independent-minded Wozynsky rants about Mike's and Steve's 'support' but due to Steve's injury - and much to the displeasure of both - Wozynsky and Mike are teamed up in order to finally take down the drug ring. Things are getting rather difficult as Wozynsky turns out to be a lone fighter who thinks that Mike's methods are old-fashioned and conspicuous - in any way disturbing his undercover work. Following the murder of one of Wozynsky's fosterlings, the atmosphere is getting even more heated up. Due to an informer's tip, police is setting up a trap for Marks but the operation goes wrong last minute after Wozynsky had left his position. Mike is upset and suspects Wozynsky to be on the racket. In the meantime, Steve tries to find out some background info on the drug ring and recent busts - delivering even more indication that Al Wozynsky might be involved. Little do Mike and Steve know that Wozynsky is about to put his life at stake in order to finally catch Marks.

There is quite a number of different filming locations for this episode. It starts out at an old warehouse where Wozynsky meets Marks - and where Steve is injured. This warehouse was located in the Dogpatch on Indiana Street, right beneath the 20th Street overpass which can be seen when Mike and Steve are approching the scene (this warehouse was used before in season 3 episode Cry Help!). Steve is taken to hospital, the initial footage shows a hospital's facade of unknown location (also used in season 1 epsiode Legion of the Lost) but, later on, all exterior and interior sequences were taken a CPMC's Davies Campus on Duboce Avenue. Wozynsky meets Artie at the backyard basketball playground at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Noe Valley, and then he and Mike talk to informer Stoolie as well as Artie's girl friend, Millie, at the corner of Haight and Fillmore Streets. Millie's apartment is located in the Lower Haight, and police is trying to set a trap for Marks upon the delivery of a drug consignment at the Fort Mason pier. Steve talks to Al's former girl friend at Jackson Street and Davis Court, and later on to Parson on the rooftop playground of the Wozynsky brothers' former children's home in the Pacific Heights, whereas Al visits his father at the Laguna Honda Hospital. In a desperate effort to take down Marks, Wozynsky bolts in a street dealing of one of Marks' dealers on the Market and Romain pedestrian stairway whereas Marks' mansion is located in the Marina. In the epilogue, Mike and Steve are driving up to Lower Pacific Heights where Mike proves his improved undercover techniques when booking Al Wozynsky feignedly.

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