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Screencaps for Ep 4.04 added

I have just added the screencaps for Men Will Die to the episodes' page. A rather disturbing story starts out when Nancy, a friend of Mike's daughter Jeannie, is coming to his house after she was raped by two men the night before. Mike as well as Jeannie are trying to provide as much help as they can, and following a line-up - in which Nancy can identify one of the rapists, Jack Marlin, - everything seems to be proceeding well. In order to find mental help, Jeannie accompanies Nancy to a support group for female victims of violence, somehow led by crusading attorney Catherine Wyatt, and learns several details about violence against women and how the women's situation is often complicating just punishment for the offenders. Nancy is threatened by the second guy who escaped the police, and in a condition of panic and fear, she shoots him down. Now the justice system turns against her, treating her like a regular murderer. Jeannie is upset by the way the system works, and her father's explications make her even more furious. She joins Catherine Wyatt and supports the women's activist group, however, a rather irrational leaflet campaign against Nancy's rapist - who was released by the police in the meantime – puts her own life in danger. No need to tell that Mike is totally upset by his daughter's irrational action, but following Nancy's pre-trial and court's decision to accept the district attorney's impeachment for first degree murder, Nancy tries to commit suicide by jumping down City Hall's gallery. Due to this act of desperation and Nancy's severe injuries, Mike asks Jeannie for help: as a really caring woman, he wants her to talk to one of  Marlin's earlier victims (who would not talk about the traumatic event to the police). Little do our two cops know that Catherine Wyatt tries to provoke Marlin in order to finally wipe this piece of scum out. Mike and Steve literally arrive in the very nick of time in order to prevent another murder.

Filming for this episode starts out in North Beach where Jeannie's friend, Nancy, is raped in 'Bill Graham's 1333' on Columbus Avenue. When police approaches the area, Marlin and his fellow try to escape on Beach Street, passing The Cannery, and they are finally booked in front of one of the piers at the waterfront. We are also taken to Mike's house several times as well as to SFPD headquarters building and SF City Hall. Mike and Steve are talking to Marlin's earlier victim, Miss Bennington, in a downtown cafe at Maden Lane, whereas Nancy's place is on Baker Street right across the Palace of Fine Arts. Marlin and his girlfriend are having lunch in the Mission Bay, the same location (famous 'Galerie de Blanche') was used for Marlin's private party. While investigating the case, Mike and Steve are driving up Haight-Ashbury to talk to Mrs. Green. Following Nancy's attempt to commit suicide, she's taken to hospital. The production crew used stock footage for the exterior view of a hospital in Southern California, whereas the actual interior scenes as well as the epilogue sequence were filmed at the Davies Campus of CPMC at Duboce Avenue.

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