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As The Hollywood Reporter reported in accordance with local media from Nevada City, California, actor Tim O'Connor died on April 5, 2018, at the age of 90.

O'Connor performed three times as Lt. Roy Devitt in The Streets of San Francisco, and for another appearance in the final season as a mobster boss. Nonetheless, he was best known for his rôle as Elliott Carson in the 1960's long-running TV series Peyton Place, performing as father of young Mia Farow and husband of Dorothy Malone. Tim O'Connor was among the busiest actors from the late 1950's throughout the mid-1980's, but he did not quit until 2011.



I hope you've had a great Christmas Season and would like to wish you and your beloved ones a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018!

Simultaneously, I need to apologise for the long delay in updating this website. I have been too busy in pre-XMAS weeks, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. Starting this month, I will return to a more frequent update schedule, so please stay tuned and come back very soon. Next episode is due and I will also add new location photography.

Thanks to you all for your support. :)

Screencaps for Ep 4.20 added

I have just added the screencaps for Clown of Death to the episodes' page. While a group of the National Circus is performing for ill children and other patients at the San Francisco Davies Medical Center, one of the clowns enters the building and kills a patient who is dependent on respiratory support. It turns out that the patient was a former circus rigger who was terminally ill, so Mike and Steve drive down to South San Francisco where the circus is giving its shows at Cow Palace. They talk to another clown of the circus, Red Ashburn, who informs them that their tightrope artist, young and smart Neil Ruggers, is related to the killed rigger and his brother, who were his uncles. While interviewing Ruggers, our two cops learn that he was obviously unaware of his uncle's death. After Neil’s mother had died, he was raised by his uncles until he became a young man who found his own life and role in the circus. Stone and Keller drive up to the uncles' apartment just to find him dead too. The landlady tells them that a younger man was asking for the old man early that day, and she identifies the young man to be Neil Ruggers. Now that mercy killing by his brother is excluded, Mike and Stone investigate for double homicide. Another connection appears when they find an old photography in the riggers' room showing the killed brothers, Ashburn and two other circus employees named Boylan and Murdock. Ashburn recalls there was some trouble between the people in the photo other than himself, but he cannot remember the details. Things are accelerating when a third victim, Ashburn himself, is shot during his performance, but his rope absorbs the bullet so his injuries are not life-threatening - at least, not immediately. Sent to a local clown museum, Mike and Steve receive more information on the other two in the photo by museum owner Freddie Olburn. Olburn recognizes the killer clown's make-up as the trademark of Cesar Volnak, a circus clown from Europe who later became a high-wire walker, and died in England a few years before. What attracts the cops' interest even more is the fact that Olburn tells them that one of the other two in the photo, Murdock, belonged to the circus as ringmaster and now lives in Vancouver. Alerted by the fact that the circus' next destination is aforesaid Vancouver, Mike and Steve decide to set a trap. After Ashburn dies from his injuries, Mike puts on Ashburn’s costume and joins the other clowns in their next performance. Nothing happens - but following the show a surprise is coming up.
This episode always bothered me plot-wise to a certain extent. Until Barbara unveals in the episode's climax that the circus artist killed in an accident was her father, this particular relationship was not indicated in any respect before which make the whole story quite arbitrary. Another problem is that Barbara would probably identify Mike behind Ashburn's make-up immediately, given that she worked all of her life together with her father's former buddies.

There are only a few locations used for filming of this episode. The group of clowns performs at the Ralph K. Davies Campus of what is today known as the California Pacific Medical Center at Castro and Duboce Streets, where most of the filming was accomplished at Cow Palace where the US National Circus held its shows. Reiner's apartment was located in Haight-Ashbury, and Steve picks up Mike at the original Wells Fargo Bank building at Montgomery and Post Streets. Finally, the 'Clown Museum' is located in the backyard of a gaming hall ('Games People Play Arcade') on Broadway.

Location Photos for 'The Hard Breed'

I have supplemented the locations page by some location photography for second season's episode The Hard Breed, an episode that was almost entirely filmed at and around famous Cow Palace, plus some additional (mostly interior) filming locations.

Still, I am working on more contents for the filming locations page, including season one episode A Trout in the Milk as well as season two's Inferno, and season three episode Letters from the Grave.

Stay tuned!

Screencaps for Ep 4.19 added

The screencaps for Judgment Day were just added to the episodes' page. The murder of Judge Lela Matthews is the latest in a row of four among attorneys and judges. Matthews' daughter, Ellen, is a friend of Steve, and just in town in order to celebrate her final exam with her mother. Investigations concentrate on finding a connection between the murdered jurists, and natural assumption suggests a convicted criminal. However, when Steve finds out that the perpetrator left a book about 'disbarment procedures' at each crime scene, a different suspicion comes to the fore. With the help of the law school's records, Mike and Steve can find the connecting link, leading to a former attorney, Elliott Jensen, who has been disbarred several years ago. When they are visiting Jensen for a questioning, however, they only find a boozer lying on a bed, living in a run-down apartment house - but with senses on the alert. It turns out that Jensen's son, Barry, is obviously on a trail of murder, killing the ones he thinks are responsible for his father's fate. Still, with one more judge on Jensen's list, our two cops set a trap with Mike performing - rather awkwardly - as Judge Abrams. Their plan fails, however, when Jensen forces them to leave the court due to an alleged bomb threat. In the following shooting, Steve is wounded, and Jensen escapes. When further investigations prove that Barry Jensen is working on the law school's library, the circle closes. Police invades the law school in order to detain Jensen - but his fate is rather lethal.

This episode starts out at San Francisco City Hall where Jensen threatens Judge Matthews and finally kills her. Mike and Steve see and talk to SFPD's consulting psychiatrist Lenny Murchison at the San Francisco General Hospital (exterior stock shot with unknown interior canteen sequence), whereas Jensen kills attorney Jerome Black at his office in the Pacific Heights, and the registry our two cops are consulting is actually located inside the Asian Art Museum at Civic Center. The boarding house where Jensen's father is living in is located in Hayes Valley (already used in Harem). The 'Rutledge University - School of Law' scenes were filmed at the San Francisco State University campus - apart from a single exterior shot (again, stock material) of what is supposed to be the library of Rutledge University where Jensen is working, which actually is Bridges Hall of Music in Claremont, down in southern California. Interior shots of that same sequence are showing SFSU again, and so does the subsequent exterior filming when Jensen tries to escape Mike and Steve. Steve is shot inside the San Francisco City Hall's entrance hall, and treated at the California Pacific Medical Center's Davies Campus.

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