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Screencaps for Ep 4.18 added

I have just added the screencaps for Underground to the episodes' page. Dan Segal is kind of a clumsy and too good-natured police officer with the heart in the right place. His brother Eddie, however, went the other way - and his parole is at stake since he is about to work for his former boss, Willy Kurland, a local gambling boss, again. Called in by the family, Dan tries to see his brother, but when he arrives at the races, a sniper shoots at Kurland and Eddie, killing both. Just before Kurland dies, Mike levers two important information from him: somebody is moving in the local gambling business and bookmaking, and Dan Segal was just trying to talk to his brother and taking a gun from him. The Chief of Police wants Dan Segal to play the rôle of a cop gone sour, quitting the job at the force and trying to get inside the gambling business as the embittered brother. Mike shall be Segal's primary contact – and although Mike does not really like that idea, he has to join in the game, and one of the game's rules is that nobody shall be informed about the manoeuvre – neither Segal's family nor anyone inside the department, including Steve. Mike's and Steve's official investigations concentrate on the known links between the gambling mobsters, with a young woman named Sunny Malone being the key issue. In the meantime, Dan Segal is trying to get the same kind of information from some underground sources, putting his life at risk several times. When he is about to detain Bobby Waldron, the killer tries to outsmart and kill Dan as well, but Segal can shoot at him first. Our two cops are arriving at the scene, and Dan escapes, leaving Mike to contradict Steve's logical conclusions (i.e. that Dan Segal has obviously gone for revenge). Things are getting even more difficult and dangerous, when Sunny Malone decides to get in touch with the new gambling boss, Frank Garson, in an effort to make something for herself out of the situation. In the final clash, Garson and Johnny Blackwell, another killer in the gambling business, try to shoot down Dan but with the help of Ben Rush, a henchman of the former gambling boss, and the arrival of the police everything turns out good. Steve, however, has a good laugh when he tells Mike that he had recognized Dan's acting long before, leaving Mike astounded - or not.

Filming locations comprise of a colourful potpourri of both, downtown and Bay Area spots. The initial sequence starts at lower Market Street where Dan Segal and his colleague chase the purse snatcher who finally hides in kind of a company underground courtyard or parking. We then switch over to famous Bay Meadows Racecourse in San Mateo (closed and demolished in 2008) where Dan tries to confront his bother Eddie who is eventually shot by Waldron. Dan sees his father in front of his Deli which is located at Bush and Mason Streets, whereas Mike and Steve interview a lady who lived next to Sunny Malone at upper Broadway. Immediately after going underground, Dan hustles a couple of clients at Hyde and Beach, he also talks to Garson's henchman, Blackwell, and runs into Evie at Acquatic Park. Evie's hint leads him to Cable Car Motel, now run by Travelodge, at nearby Lombard Street. Mike meets Dan at the 'Hills of Eternity Memorial Park' in Colma, and then talks to Steve who is on stake out on Russian Hill. Probably a production still from elsewhere was used when Dan hustles another couple of gambling clients in a club and where his girlfriend, Donna, almost quits with him (exterior shot of a 'Round 9 Bar' which I could not find in any directory I consulted). His brother's old friend, Ben Rush, picks Dan up in front of the SFPD headquarters at 850 Bryant Street, that's where his father is also coming to see him. In the epilogue, Mike and Dan are walking up a curved street with freeway ramps in background. This sequence was filmed in South of Market but the exact location does not exist anymore (probably on Clementine between 1st and 2nd Streets).

45th Anniversary of 'Streets' on September 16th!

Sometimes it's hard to believe but... in a couple of days 'The Streets of San Francisco' will turn 45!

On September 16th, 1972, Mike and Steve chased the murderer of Holly Jean Berry whose dead body was found in the San Francisco Bay, starring Robert Wagner, Andrew Duggan and Tom Bosley. The pilot movie initiated a run of a total of 120 episodes in five seasons, starring a real bunch of famous (to become) guest stars such as Tom Selleck, Leslie Nielsen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Nolte, Martin Sheen, DAvid Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Susan Dey, Dick van Patten, Mark Hamill, Larry Hagman, Edward Mulhare, Bill Bixby and so on.

The first episode of season one, 'The Thirty-Year Pin', aired two weeks later, starting a five-year period of one of the most recognized TV crime series of the Seventies, marked by the special Malden/Douglas relationship as well as the fact that the series was completely filmed on location in San Francisco and the Bay Area which was rather uncommon at that time.

Screencaps for Ep 4.17 added

The screencaps for Requiem for Murder are now available on the episodes' page. The attempt on the life of one of Mike's old friends, Bishop Tim Farrow, alerts Stone and Keller. Although Farrow recovers from his injury, our two cops smell that another attempt on the clergyman's life might be possible. They uncover quite a number of conflicts in Farrow's diocese, providing several motives and suspects inside the church. When Farrow prays in his church after his return from hospital he is shot again - and this time it is a lethal attempt. Following the murder of Tim Farrow, at least four are under suspicion. In the end, an unexpected turn uncovers the truth which offers a different perpetrator - and an unexpected motive as well.

Although much location filming was accomlished at Bishop Farrow's residence in the Pacific Heights as well as in and around his church (which is located far south between Noe Valley and Glen Park), this episode offers a nice variety of additional location filming. Following the attempt on Bishop Farrow's life, Steve is interviewing Father Wilson at his 'street mission' on Potrero Hill - with parts of San Francisco General Hospital visible in background - and Father Wilson and Bishop Farrow are talking in the backyard of Mission Dolores' cemetery. Mike and Steve are interviewing Eddie Madden at a burger place in South Beach, whereas the 'rent strike' takes place in The Mission. Suspect Neil Brenner is detained in that same area, actually just some hundred feet down the street. Finally, as a sidenote, the growing use of random production stills from season four onwards can also be found in this episode. Following the first attempt on his life, Bishop Farrow is taken to a hospital. Interior scenes were probably taken inside one of San Francisco's hospitals but the exterior shot of the building shows Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center which had been used in season four episode Men Will Die already (the use of different perspectives of the building's facade even date back as far as to season one episode Legion Of The Lost and season three episode Solitaire). Only unidentified spot of this episode is the (location-wise) close-up when Steve interviews the woman with the poodle which is supposed to be located close to Bishop Farrow's residence.

Screencaps for Ep 4.16 added

The screencaps for The Honorable Profession are now available on the episodes' page. A young police officer who is shot by robbers holding up a pharmacy. Following the robbers escape, the officer is treated by a physician who is also on scene. When the policeman dies in hospital due to his severe gunshot wounds, the doctor becomes the only witness who could be able to identify the killers. The robbers were detained by Stone and Keller just a few blocks away from the pharmacy, but they got rid of the guns before and the pharmacist cannot identify them as he was knocked down from behind. Stone and Keller try to call the doctor but have to realize that something unexpected makes the who case more complicated. The name, address and phone number the physician had provided was obviously wrong, so our two cops need to deal with a second case in addition to the murder: identifying a key-witness who is obviously holding a secret. Their investigation leads them to a number of aliases, but in the end, the sought-after can be identified - through his voluntary work in a free clinic and his care for his 'patients'. And although the alleged 'doctor' did not finish his medical studies and works illegally as a physician, he finally saves the life of one of his patients in the moment Stone and Keller haul him off.

This episode starts out at the corner of 24th and Mission Streets where the robbers hold up the 'Bataan Memorial Pharmacy'. The motorcycle cop receives the call while waiting at Benny's Hot Dog stand at The Embarcadero and Harrison Street. When Stone and Keller are approaching the crime scene, they detain the fleeing robbers half a block away on Folsom Street. The wounded officer is taken to the emergency room of San Francisco General Hospital, and later dies. Dr. Holtfield's (Callahan's) elderly patient, Martha Travis, is living in a senior home called 'Kingston Manor'. The building actually was (and still is) a care home of a charitable organization, the San Francisco Ladies' Protection and Relief Society, established in 1853. Mike and Steve are visiting the grave of the actual Dr. Holtfield, at one of Colma's cemeteries, and the 'Bay Street Free Clinic' is located in the Mission District again, just four blocks away from the initial crime scene. Callahan meets greedy Travis by night on Washington, just off The Embarcadero, before Travis is severely injured by a car.

Location Photos for No Badge for Benjy


It is my pleasure to let you know that I finally supplemented the locations page by a series of original filming location photography for second season's episode No Badge for Benjy, one of my favourite episodes of season two when it comes down to filming location. I have always been pretty fascinated by the glittering and sparkling night-life at the several infamous clubs of that time around Broadway and Columbus.

I am about to add more content to the filming locations page very soon, including season one episode A Trout in the Milk as well as season three episode Letters from the Grave.

Enjoy - and stay tuned! :) 

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