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45th Anniversary of 'Streets' on September 16th!

Sometimes it's hard to believe but... in a couple of days 'The Streets of San Francisco' will turn 45!

On September 16th, 1972, Mike and Steve chased the murderer of Holly Jean Berry whose dead body was found in the San Francisco Bay, starring Robert Wagner, Andrew Duggan and Tom Bosley. The pilot movie initiated a run of a total of 120 episodes in five seasons, starring a real bunch of famous (to become) guest stars such as Tom Selleck, Leslie Nielsen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Nolte, Martin Sheen, DAvid Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Susan Dey, Dick van Patten, Mark Hamill, Larry Hagman, Edward Mulhare, Bill Bixby and so on.

The first episode of season one, 'The Thirty-Year Pin', aired two weeks later, starting a five-year period of one of the most recognized TV crime series of the Seventies, marked by the special Malden/Douglas relationship as well as the fact that the series was completely filmed on location in San Francisco and the Bay Area which was rather uncommon at that time.

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