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Unidentified filming locations identified!


Thanks to the assistance of fellow fans Aaron from San Francisco, and Jonathan from San Clemente (again!), I can scratch two filming locations off the unidentified locations list.

Aaron immediately recognized the unique facade of the "China Man Bar" building in The Hard Breed to be a long-established bar in North Beach on Grant Avenue. Interestingly, the facade of this bar is still intact as seen in the Streets episode more than 40 years ago, just the colour has changed.

Jonathan did another amazing research to solve the mystery of the hospital stills used in season 1 episode Legion of the Lost and season 3 episode Solitaire. Season 4 episode Men Will Die now offered a completely different perspective and a total view of the hospital building as well as an intersection right in front of it. The dark street sign fueled our common suspicion this hospital might have been located in Southern California, and Jon put the pieces together and finally found it. The (former main) building shown in all three episodes does not exist anymore - it was probably demolished around 2006/07 - but the adjacent complex is still existing.

These two identifications bring down the list of yet unidentified filming locations to as low as four! I would like to encourage all of you to check out the unidentified filming locations page so that we can solve the remaining mysteries. I do appreciate your help!


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