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Screencaps for Ep 4.06 added

I have just added the screencaps for Deadly Silence to the episodes' page. While cruising the streets and Mike making fun of Steve's and Jeannie's plans for a 'secret birthday surprise party' later that day, Inspectors 8-1 are called in for a liquor store robbery in South of Market. It soon turns out that the armed robbers are ready for everything, shooting right at the cops, with Mike hitting one of the gunmen in the belly but the trio can finally make it into the getaway van and escape. Being on the run, the van hits Mike at high speed and leaves him lying unconscious on the street. Mike is taken to hospital and - apart from a cerebral concussion - he soon realizes that he is almost deaf on the left ear. He would not tell anyone, of course, since he is not interested in being temporarily suspended from duty. Meanwhile, the robbers arrive in their Potrero hide-out, and soon after the one who was shot by Mike dies. We as the audience learn that the trio consisting of Rudy Nolan, Jeff Dixon, and his wife Jodi - who is Rudy's sister – wanted to make some money in order to get home and have a better life. When Jeff dies, Jodi vows revenge against the police officer who shot him, whereas Rudy tries to convince his sister that they should get out of the city immediately. Little does Mike know that Jodi Dixon is almost permanently on his trail, trying to get an opportunity to wipe out the man who killed her husband. Some coincidences help saving his life in the first instance, but Jodi would not give up. After a dispute with Jodi, Rudy is trying to get away, but a patrol recognizes his van, and following a chase and a shootout - in which Mike puts his life at risk due to his paracusia - Rudy is also shot, and Steve removes Mike from service for good. While Steve and Tanner are teaming up in order to identify the third suspect - finally, for murder, since the liquor store owner has died in the meantime - Mike stays at home, reluctantly, thinking about the option to have an ear surgery for his deafness which, however, could also result in total numbness and dismissal from occupation for ever. The other option would be non-surgical, getting a hearing aid and a desk job for the rest of his career. While taking a stroll in his neighbourhood, Jodi Dixon makes another attempt on Mike's life. He can get away though, and Jodi makes another decision: taking Jeannie hostage in order to finally prevail. This episode ends up in a dramatic and conciliatory climax in which Jeannie is freed from Jodi's captivity, and Mike is getting his hearing ability back through the proposed ear surgeryaves.

Almost entirely filmed on Potrero Hill, this episode starts out in South of Market, right at the corner of 6th and Jessie Streets (the Sonoma Market is still there, by the way). The robbers' hideout is located close to 19th and Wisconsin Streets, just two blocks away from Mike's home at 768 De Haro. Mike is taken to the Davies Campus of CPMC at Duboce Ave., and later on visits his old buddy and former partner at the former Northeast Police Station in the Dogpatch on 3rd Street. Rudy Nolan is traced by police starting at Broadway and Embarcadero, and ending in the Industrial Harbour area close to Pier 70 where he is shot to death. After being temporarily removed from active duty, Jeannie takes Mike home from the SFPD headquarter's parking lot. Later on, Mike is strolling around Potrero Hill, the young skater irritates him due to his deafness in front of a hobby shop at Connecticut Street, and soon after Jodi tries to shoot him down at Southern Heights Avenue and Carolina Street. Following the failed attempt on Mike's life, Jodi takes Jeannie hostage in front of Mike's house, then lets her make a call in the Marina, and finally gets her to Battery Chamberlin in the Presidio.

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