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logo is going off-line - temporarily!


Hereby, I would like to inform you that I will discontinue this website for an undetermined period of time. As you all have recognized, I simply do not have enough spare time to fulfill my own scope - which is to add website updates at least on a twice-a-month basis. The contents won't be lost, though. I am looking forward to re-start once my time schedule is getting a bit more relaxed.

Thanks for your great support over the past five years. I enjoyed your comments and discussions, and it was a real pleasure to deliver a couple of information and materials that were of interest to you. I also learned from the cooperation with great people such as Jonathan Cole and Liz Edlund, fellow Streets fans from the Bay Area. I will surely miss you and your great help.

Keep in touch, and hopefully see you all soon.

Happy Easter and all the best,

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