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Screencaps for Ep 4.12 added

I have just added the screencaps for The Cat's Paw to the episodes' page. We are introduced to Inspector Irene Baker, of burglary department, who is involved in a romantic relationship with Mike Stone lately. When one of Irene's cases turns from simple jewelry theft into murder, Mike is assigned to partner with her - and things are soon turned up-side-down when Stone and Baker draw their (different) conclusions: Mike believes the burglar also is a killer, and Irene does not believe the murder fits the cat burglar's pattern. Steve - who, initially, is rather amused by Mike's preoccupation – soon learns that his partner is having more than just a simple love affair with Irene (it appears they are even proposed to each other, actually) and is really struggling with the dispute he is having with her over the case. Even Jeannie tries to help, but only the final solution of the crime seems to make space for a more relaxed atmosphere. It turns out that Mike was wrong - and Irene was right - and jealousy is the answer. Personally, I am pretty unhappy with this episode. First off, the film material used appears to be uncommonly coarse-grained which is really disturbing; another aspect is the romantic relations between Mike and Irene which is brought to us as a matter of course - but it does not really fit in the picture and appears as to be somehow taken out of context.

The opening exterior shot of the (alleged) opera house actually pictures what is today the Ritz-Carlton on Stockton Street, whereas the interior sequence was in deed filmed in an opera house, namely the War Memorial Opera House, on Van Ness. Following the night scene on the roof top of the first crime scene, Mike and Steve are observing a suspect at Pier 45, followed by a chase, ending up with Mike jumping into the cold Bay waters in order to detain the bad guy. At night, Mike and Jeannie are preparing dinner, and Jeannie is somehow interested and amused when Irene knocks at the door. In the meantime, another burglary takes place, this time at 2200 Washington Street, a building used as filming location several times throughout the series. Mike drives Irene home (location unidentified), while Steve arrives to inform him about the latest case. The next day, Mike and Irene are teamed up, somehow against Mike's will, as he already smells potential problems. They are interviewing Mr. Greenwood in his apartment at 2200 Washington, and later moving down to Washington Square (where they are arguing for the first time). Their investigations lead them downtown to a loan shop on 6th Street, close to Market, and to a parking lot located at Broadway. Their arguing, by the way, starts to heat up again while visiting kind of a historical exhibition of unknown location. Tyrell's apartment is at 2200 Pacific Street, and the final nightly burglary (where the cat burglar rappels down the building's facade) takes place at another unidentified place, before Tyrell is booked after a chase throughout the area of her apartment.

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