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Help needed with Unidentified Locations!


I just made an update to the unidentified locations quiz page and would appreciate all your help. I have put together an illustrated list of yet unidentified filming locations discovered in the first three seasons of the series (up to season 3, episode 16, 'Letters From The Grave'). All screenshots were taken from the official DVD in original size (768 pixel), so what you see is what is possible at the best (no larger view or anything like that, unfortunately).

Plus, I have added some (hopefully helpful) notes concerning the specific scenes and plot of the episode and the location in question - to the best of knowledge. If you got a clue or just hints or ideas, please let me know.

The next update including screencaps and extended summary for Endgame maybe delayed by a couple of days due to the Easter holiday season. Have a great one. :)


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