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Screencaps for Ep 4.19 added

The screencaps for Judgment Day were just added to the episodes' page. The murder of Judge Lela Matthews is the latest in a row of four among attorneys and judges. Matthews' daughter, Ellen, is a friend of Steve, and just in town in order to celebrate her final exam with her mother. Investigations concentrate on finding a connection between the murdered jurists, and natural assumption suggests a convicted criminal. However, when Steve finds out that the perpetrator left a book about 'disbarment procedures' at each crime scene, a different suspicion comes to the fore. With the help of the law school's records, Mike and Steve can find the connecting link, leading to a former attorney, Elliott Jensen, who has been disbarred several years ago. When they are visiting Jensen for a questioning, however, they only find a boozer lying on a bed, living in a run-down apartment house - but with senses on the alert. It turns out that Jensen's son, Barry, is obviously on a trail of murder, killing the ones he thinks are responsible for his father's fate. Still, with one more judge on Jensen's list, our two cops set a trap with Mike performing - rather awkwardly - as Judge Abrams. Their plan fails, however, when Jensen forces them to leave the court due to an alleged bomb threat. In the following shooting, Steve is wounded, and Jensen escapes. When further investigations prove that Barry Jensen is working on the law school's library, the circle closes. Police invades the law school in order to detain Jensen - but his fate is rather lethal.

This episode starts out at San Francisco City Hall where Jensen threatens Judge Matthews and finally kills her. Mike and Steve see and talk to SFPD's consulting psychiatrist Lenny Murchison at the San Francisco General Hospital (exterior stock shot with unknown interior canteen sequence), whereas Jensen kills attorney Jerome Black at his office in the Pacific Heights, and the registry our two cops are consulting is actually located inside the Asian Art Museum at Civic Center. The boarding house where Jensen's father is living in is located in Hayes Valley (already used in Harem). The 'Rutledge University - School of Law' scenes were filmed at the San Francisco State University campus - apart from a single exterior shot (again, stock material) of what is supposed to be the library of Rutledge University where Jensen is working, which actually is Bridges Hall of Music in Claremont, down in southern California. Interior shots of that same sequence are showing SFSU again, and so does the subsequent exterior filming when Jensen tries to escape Mike and Steve. Steve is shot inside the San Francisco City Hall's entrance hall, and treated at the California Pacific Medical Center's Davies Campus.

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