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Screencaps for Ep 4.09 added

The screencaps for Web of Lies were added to the episodes' page. Bert Morris, an aged and endearing but rather unsuccessful salesman for fashion jewelry, is almost hit by an escape car following a diamond heist and murder of a police officer in downtown San Francisco. Smelling the opportunity of getting his five minutes of fame, Morris decides to enhance the real story by some (imaginary) details when he is asked about his observations by our two homicide detectives. Miscalculating the risk, Morris even agrees to a TV interview concerning the details of the escape he observed, forcing one of the three robbers - Frankie, impulsive, who also killed the police officer - to try and to eliminate the alleged eye-witness. Little do Mike and Steve – and also the now alerted robbers – know that Morris did not actually see the driver of the escape car, but his short-term fame makes him the number one target. Being the unsuccessful salesman he actually is, Morris accepts his fate but in a moment of bravery, he even helps to book Frankie who was about to kidnap and kill him.

This episode was almost entirely filmed in downtown San Francisco, among those Vaillancourt Fountain at Justin Herman Plaza, Davis Court, famous Maiden Lane as well as the (now demolished) Transbay Transit Center in South of Market. Bert Morris' apartment is located next to Dolores Park, whereas the robbers are hiding out in the Mission District, and meet dealer Prinz at the Palace of Fine Arts.

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