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Screencaps for Ep 3.03 added

TheĀ screencaps for Target: Red were added to the episodes' page. The death of a well-known producer of high-precision guns alerts Stone and Keller, while the FBI approaches the SFPD as intelligence has received information on an intended attempt on the life of a Chinese politician of high ranking who is about to arrive with a Chinese business delegation at San Francisco Internaional Airport. A circle of ultraconservatives led by retired US Army General West is suspected to be pulling the strings, and having contracted a mentally unstable but most accurate marksman to kill the politician. Stone and Keller are set to find the killer's hideout and to prevent the assassination. A race against time begins.

Some of this episode's filming locations are quite tough to identify. It starts out at Candlestick Park where FBI agents observe retired Army General West and moves over to North Beach where marksman Schilling first deposits his camouflage clothing in a local bank deposit, and then choses one of the steaples of Saints Paul & Peter church as perfect location for the assassination. The location of General West's mansion remains unidentiied (it was used again in the subsequent episode, Mask of Death, by the way). Schilling's ex-wife lives in a apartment in Cow Hollow, and his son is treated in a hospital for the mentally ill, dubbed 'Pacific State Hospital', which actually is the former Shriners Children's Hospital on 19th Avenue, whereas Mike and Steve trace Schilling down to a Sausalito pharmacy and, finally, to famous 'The Spinnaker' at Sausalito Yacht Harbor where Schilling picks up the hooker whose apartment is located in Pacific Heights. We also get some nice footage of a Trans World Airlines 747 arriving at San Francisco International Airport as wel as the delegation's convoy travelling from the airport to the city.

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