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Screencaps for Ep 4.16 added

The screencaps for The Honorable Profession are now available on the episodes' page. A young police officer who is shot by robbers holding up a pharmacy. Following the robbers escape, the officer is treated by a physician who is also on scene. When the policeman dies in hospital due to his severe gunshot wounds, the doctor becomes the only witness who could be able to identify the killers. The robbers were detained by Stone and Keller just a few blocks away from the pharmacy, but they got rid of the guns before and the pharmacist cannot identify them as he was knocked down from behind. Stone and Keller try to call the doctor but have to realize that something unexpected makes the who case more complicated. The name, address and phone number the physician had provided was obviously wrong, so our two cops need to deal with a second case in addition to the murder: identifying a key-witness who is obviously holding a secret. Their investigation leads them to a number of aliases, but in the end, the sought-after can be identified - through his voluntary work in a free clinic and his care for his 'patients'. And although the alleged 'doctor' did not finish his medical studies and works illegally as a physician, he finally saves the life of one of his patients in the moment Stone and Keller haul him off.

This episode starts out at the corner of 24th and Mission Streets where the robbers hold up the 'Bataan Memorial Pharmacy'. The motorcycle cop receives the call while waiting at Benny's Hot Dog stand at The Embarcadero and Harrison Street. When Stone and Keller are approaching the crime scene, they detain the fleeing robbers half a block away on Folsom Street. The wounded officer is taken to the emergency room of San Francisco General Hospital, and later dies. Dr. Holtfield's (Callahan's) elderly patient, Martha Travis, is living in a senior home called 'Kingston Manor'. The building actually was (and still is) a care home of a charitable organization, the San Francisco Ladies' Protection and Relief Society, established in 1853. Mike and Steve are visiting the grave of the actual Dr. Holtfield, at one of Colma's cemeteries, and the 'Bay Street Free Clinic' is located in the Mission District again, just fouf blocks away from the initial crime scene. Callahan meets greedy Travis by night on Washington, just off The Embarcadero, before Travis is severely inured by a car.

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