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Screencaps for Ep 3.15 added

I have just added theĀ screencaps for False Witness to the episodes' page. Jimmy Vega, a diligent but also a zealous police officer who graduated at the same time as Steve did, is on a personal vendetta against Roberto Perez, a local drog dealer, who is responsonsible for the death of his friend. While searching Perez' car for a traffic offense, Vega discovers a package of drugs under the seat coating, however, in a meeting with D.A. O'Brian it turns out that searching Perez' car was an improper measurement compared to the perpetration which led to it - Perez had passed a red traffic light. Therefore, O'Brian shoots the drug find down in order to protect the police force against arbitrariness. In return, Perez sets a trap for Vega, using a well-known drug addict offering allegedly 'water-proof evidence' against Perez to the cop. When Vega goes and meets the informer in the dark, a group of Perez' henchmen is waiting for him and beats him down. In an improvident reaction, Vega calls Perez and threatens the drug dealer - who has got his attorney right beside him and a tape ready to record the call. Vega finally asks Steve for help as he got word about a drug delivery to arrive at Vega's house by night. Steve decides to help Jimmy booking Perez; however, when the cops get into Perez's house, the latter manages to let the delivered package disappear. Nonetheless, Jimmy is well-prepared and, after being shot by Perez, he places a drug package in Perez' kitchen draw in order to convict the drug dealer. Steve finds the package - unaware of the fact that Vega had placed it there - and everything seems to be 'safe'. In the following trial, Perez' attorney attacks the police force and unveals the tape with Vega's threatening call. He also casts doubt on Keller's honesty, and D.A. O'Brian warns Steve of being involved in a faked drug find. In the meantime, seriously injured Jimmy Vega dies in the hospital but Steve would not give up. He tries to team up with a friend of Jimmy, Dorothy Silveira, whose brother was also killed by Perez; interestingly, Dorothy now is Perez' girl friend. Nonetheless, and despite her fear, Dorothy finally agrees to Steve's suggestion and helps to set a trap for Perez.

This episode's opening sequence was filmed south of Market, where Vega and Bryce are following Perez' car on Folsom Street with Perez making the illegal right turn on red onto 4th Street. They are observing Perez making another right turn where he finally meets Chico on Shipley Street. After having thrown the drug pacakge away, Chico is finally booked by Bryce at Clara and 5th Streets (the building with that unique facade is still there). The vega house as well as Chico's apartment are located in the Duboce Triangle/Mission District area, whereas Parez' mansion is a frequently used mansion at Marina Boulevard. Vega asks Steve for help at the Aquatic Park Pier, and Steve talks to Dorothy Silveira at Alta Plaza Park. Vega meets Chico at the Ferry Pier just south of the Ferry Terminal, and later on, Dorothy walks down Castro towards 19th Street with Perez, slipping him the phone number of an alleged drug dealer. The court trial is being held at another frequently used location, a court room inside San Francisco City Hall (also seen, for example, in episode Jacob's Boy).

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