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Screencaps for Ep 3.10 added

I have just added theĀ screencaps for For Good or Evil to the episodes' page. Mike's freelance engagement in supporting young guys from the less privileged, and murder among local street gangs leads him to Paul Hudson and his older brother, Jimbo, who is known to be working for Karpa, a well-known gangster boss of that area. Little does Mike know that young Paul Hudson has witnessed the murder and is already torn between Mike's efforts to take him off the streets and go to college on the one hand, and his brother Jimbo who wants him to join Karpa's gang on the other hand. Being under suspicion of the respective murder and due to Mike's personal engagement in getting Paul off the streets, Karpa tries to twist Paul and to make him kill Mike Stone. The confrontation between the two of them finally makes Paul to run away, leaving an angry Mike behind - but from now on, the hunter is the hunted, with Karpa putting Jimbo on his brother's life. Nonetheless, Jimbo lets him go - and, thus, putting his own life at stake - so Paul and Mike need to hurry in order to save Jimbo's life and to finally pull Karpa off the streets.

This episode starts out in the Mission District where Mike serves as a volunteer basketball trainer in the gym of John O'Connell High School. The crew made a location jump for the crime scene, which is not close to the high school's basketball gym at all (we can see Mike leaving the gym and spotting a police car approaching the crime scene) but is actually located on 18th Street right at the Potrero Commons. The young guys' hang-out and meeting point is also located in the Mission District (with another slight location jump made for Lou Maxwell's arrest onto 18th and Capp Streets), whereas Karpa's night-club is in North Beach (dubbed 'La Place', actually 'The Yellow Brick Road') . Paul and his girl-friend, Chris, are living in her apartment which is located on Potrero Hill again, next to 24th and De Haro Streets, and Mike talks to both of them just half a block north on De Haro Street. Jimbo takes Paul to Pier 40 before he lets him go, and the climax was filmed at the rear of Karpa's night-club at Powell and Vanderwater Streets.

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