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Screencaps for Ep 2.07 added

I added the screencaps for Harem to the episode's page. When the body of a teenage girl is towed out of the bay, our two cops soon draw certain parallels to another case indicating murder inside a teenage prostitution ring. This case strikes a nerve with Mike, so he immediately calls his daughter, Jeannie, who is preparing for an exam for her studies at the University of Arizona. Little does Mike know that Jeannie, alerted by her father’s unusual call and superficial questions, immediately packs her bag and takes a plane to see him in order to find out the reason for her father’s obvious concern. In the meantime, homicide picks up another young but professionally prepared hooker who was obviously tought very well in how to deal with police when getting booked. Soon after releasing her, however, police has to find her dead body at the beach right beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Mike and Steve are struggling in putting the puzzle together; all they know is that the young prostitutes used to live in the same apartment, and they were obviously sent out on the streets by the same pimp. While having a deli with Jeannie, Mike and Steve are discussing the case. When Steve mentions the name of William T. Jeffers, a young transverse flute-playing guy living on the top floor of the apartment house, Jeannie suddenly recollects the name as Bill Jeffers - a former local rock star who was questioned by Steve before. It turns out that Jeffers not only turned from a rock star to pimp but that he also became a murderer. With the help of another teenage prostitute who got left in the lurch when police booked her, Mike and Steve can finally nail him.

This episode's opening sequence starts off with two of Jeffers' young hookers walking down Mission St. and turning onto The Embarcadero while appraoching the hotel they are assigned to. Jeffers usually plays his transverse flute at the famous little fountain on Ghirardelli Square, the apartment house in which Jeffers as well as his hookers use to live is located in the Lower Haight. Steve picks up Mike at his house on De Haro Street, whereas the first victim is towed out of the waters of the Marina Yacht Harbour. Their investigations also lead them downtown - around Union Square, including the former Downtown Airlines Terminal and Union Square where Mike books young hooker Sarah in a telephone booth. Additional filming locations include Baker Beach and, for the episode's final, a chase on and around Ghirardelli Square.

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