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Screencaps for Ep 3.13 added

I have added the screencaps for The Twenty-Five Caliber Plague to the episodes' page. A small .25 caliber handgun, initially purchased by a concerned husband for his wife's personal protection, turns into a lethal weapon, leaving a trail of death and tragedy just 48 hours after it has been stolen. Mike and Steve are set on a murder of a local mobster's debt collector, but soon another death - the one of a ten-year old boy - adds to the lethal score. However, it turns out that locating the weapon involved is going to be a difficult task, putting even more innocent lifes at risk. Our two cops finally learn about the tragic progress when they catch the two boys who innocently shot their friend with the stolen gun, but the deadly tool has changed ownership again, so it needs a liquor store robbery and a wounded police officer in order to getting closer to the weapon's origins and its initial purpose - and also to the possible killer involved in the first murder. It turns out that gambling debts initiated the scaring trail of death.

A good amount of this episode was filmed in the South of Market and Mission Bay districts. This includes the gun shop in the opening scene where Al Cooper buys the handgun for his wife, the location where the two boys are getting rid of the deadly weapon, the liquor store robbery and the following car chase, as well as the epilogue sequence when Mike and Steve take Al Cooper to a 'casting company' where collected guns are melted and re-formed as manhole covers. We are also taken southbound to the Fort Funston National Park where Graham meets Damico's debt collector, and where the boys find the gun at Battery Davis. Graham's girl friend, Jean, is living in an apartment in Cow Hollow - identified by the rooftop scene towards the end of this episode - whereas Graham's own apartment is located in Potrero Hill. The apartment of his brother-in-law, Al Cooper, is located in the Dolores Heights district, and following a visit to the Coopers, Graham is chased by Damico's men to a construction site at Market & Castro Streets. In the meantime, Mike and Steve chase and finally catch the two boys at the Alta Plaza Park playground in the Pacific Heights. A few scenes were also taken inside the actual SFPD headquarter building on Bryant St. (when Al Cooper reports the gun theft), and when Mike and Steve are driving to Damico's office, they are getting off their car at the southeastern corner of Grove and Larkin Streets, the building's entrance shown as Damico's 'Superior Finance Corp.', however, is a still of a different location.

Additional Production Stills added!

The media page was supplemented by five additional colour production stills covering various recent episodes, including Cry Help and Mask Of Death. Four of these are featuring Michael Douglas, the one from Mask of Death was taken during the dramatic scene upstairs in Ken Scott's house. Enjoy. :)

Next update will include the screencaps and extended summary plus filming locations for 'The Twenty-Five Caliber Plague', due next week.

Screencaps for Ep 3.12 added

I have added the screencaps for License to Kill to the episodes' page. While Mike and Steve are investigating a syndicate murder and a following shooting in which the contract killer is injured, Barney Lujack shows up, and old friend of Mike's and his former partner before he moved over to Chicago. While Mike is happy all over to seeing his old friend back in town, we as the audience already learn in the opening sequence that Lujack is not back for longing for the good old days. It was actually him who shot at Waco, the killer who finally got away. Therefore, it is the way Barney uses friendship and misuses Mike's trust in his old friend's honesty which makes this episode's progress interesting. Mike's theory concerning a set-up for the contract killer seems to be conclusive, but after a bowling session among our two cops and Barney, beady-eyed Steve discovers that Barney and Mike are being observed by two men in a car. Alerted but not telling Mike in the first instance, Steve starts investigating Barney's background – and discovers that his son was killed by a professional killer. In the meantime, Mike's trust in his old friend nearly costs his life. While Mike and Barney are watching a football game on TV at night, someone shoots at his house, the bullet just passing Barney behind the curtain. Following this incident, Steve immediately informs Mike about the reason why Lujack came back to San Francisco, with the personal vendetta on hand. Furthermore, they get to know where Waco is hiding, trying to set a trap for Lujack. However, Barney is already on his way to the motel where Waco hiding, and finally, Mike has to draw a bitter consequence.

This episode's first filming location is Aquatic Park at Hyde Street Pier, where Lujack observes Waco entering famous Buena Vista Café. Waco is shot by Lujack after leaving the café, at the northernwestern corner of Beach and Hyde Streets. When police approaches the scene, Barney runs in hurry towards The Cannery courtyard where he gets rid of his hat and coat, so that police would not identify him. Later on, he leaves a 'clear message' for Waco in a bar in the Marina District, before showing up at Mike's office. In the meantime, Waco is seeing Andrews, the mob who contracted him, at the waterfront close to Fort Mason. Mike invites Barney to stay with him while he is in town, so several exterior and interior scenes were taken at Mike's house on Potrero Hill. Out two cops and Lujack are observed by the mob when Mike and Barney are visiting his daughter on Russian Hill, and Barney confronts Andrews on the rooftop of 210 Washington Street, which is the southeastern tower of the Davis Court apartment complex, and Steve catches Bellows on a parking lot at 4th Street, between Folsom and Howard (the open field is built up now, housing the Moscone Center). This episode's capper takes us to Cable Motel at 1450 Lombard where Waco has set a trap for Barney.

Season 3 Ep Summaries Added!


I have added the short summaries for all season 3 eps to the episodes' page. These were left blank - apart from each episode's title - and are now offering a glimpse of the plot (up to now, I added the short summary for each episode when I did the screencapturing work). Most of these short summaries are taken from the official Worldvision press kit that was issued to accompany the release of the series' video edition. Short summaries for season 4 and 5 episodes will be supplemented later on, probably when I have completed the screencaps and extended summaries plus filming locations info on series 3.

Screencaps for next due episode, License to Kill, are in the works already and will be added next week.

Have a good one! :)


Screencaps for Ep 3.11 added

I have added the screencaps for Bird of Prey to the episodes' page. On a nightly stroll, a young couple witnesses a murder behind an apartment's curtain. They try to help but are too late to prevent the homicide. The male is beaten down by the murderer who gets away through the night. While interviewing the helping couple in the victim's apartment, Mike discovers a matchbook of the 'Graf Zeppelin', a local bar and restaurant. This indication as well as the witnesses' observation that the murderer grabbed a USAF Colonel uniform when running out of the apartment, our two cops are seeking the Air Force's cooperation at McClellan Air Base. In the meantime, police has pulled at least four homicides among USAF ex wifes in the Bay Area together, making the suspect a serial killer. Mike and Steve team up with USAF special investigator Dick Higgins, and with the basic data on hand, a computer search of the USAF national index identifies two potential suspects: Colonel Peter Johnson, a test pilot for the USAF, and Colonel Carl Abel, a mentally unstable POW and flight electronics specialist. In order to meet the USAF's conditions for interviewing their high-ranking officers, Steve goes undercover, meeting Johnson and Abel under the pretext of internal budget audit for their respective projects on behalf of the General's office. Simultaneously, the trio follows several leads which are always pointing at the downtown restaurant. When every indication suggests mentally unstable Abel to be the murderer, another alternative uncloses.

The nightly opening scene with the young couple witnessing the murder includes a location hopping. We can see them walking down Jackson Street towards Drumm Street with that remarkable apartment building behind them as well as the Davis Court apartment skyscrapers and a glimpse of the Transamerica Pyramid in background. The building they are looking at, however, has another remarkable façade and is located on Portola Drive in Twin Peaks. Quite an amount of filming was accomplished at the (now closed) USAF McClellan Air Base, and the filming crew also used the actual 'Graf Zeppelin' restaurant (long closed) for several sequences. Apart from the recurring interior filming, they used the actual exterior of the restaurant at the corner of Vallejo and Front Streets on one occasion, and switched to another site when Mike, Steve, and Higgins left the restaurant and walked down the street chatting (in that scene, they are actually leaving the 'Old Ship Saloon' at the corner of Pacific Ave and Battery Street, walking down Pacific towards Columbus). Jim Danielson escapes the military police at Davis Court, running over that area and finally jumping into his Mustang Convertible parked on Washington Street across One Maritime Plaza. Mike interviews Danielson's aunt at their house at 3400 Baker Street (offering that impressive view of the Palace of Fine Arts through their large living room windows), and finally, Danielson rushes for Reddin Field where he embarks his historical plane that finally crashes into the hills.

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