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Season 2 Volume 2 DVD due November 11th!

I have barely two seconds to blog about this, as I'm just out the door for a trip surfing in Cornwall, but I had to quickly post on here that CBS have announced November 11th as the release date for the second half of the second season. Obviously sales are doing well, which is good news for us and for the chances of getting a third season on DVD!

Video clips added for "Blockade" and "Flags Of Terror"

I finally dumped my old youtube username (I only realised after registering that it made me sound like an iPhone, gah) and seeing as that requires re-registering completely, I took the opportunity to christen my new account with some tsosf video clips! I've posted a scene from Blockade including a shootout and the aftermath between our guys. Plus a scene from Flags Of Terror that I love - Steve in a tough situation and Mike feeling (and looking) concerned and totally helpless.

You can watch both clips on the media page. I'll be uploading more soon, and feel free to make requests if there's anything in particular you'd like to see. :)

Extended theme available for download

Another fan requested help getting hold of an extended version of the theme tune, and after sorting that i decided to bung it on the site for others to download too.


So you can find a pretty awesome extended theme tune in mp3 format on the media page. It's not the original instrumentation, of course, but it's 2:57 long, and the file is the best quality I could output. It's 2.7MB so might take a few minutes to download. If anyone wants a smaller file, let me know, as i can probably manage that without too much loss of quality (won't know until i try, i don't  think).

Enjoy! :)

Season 2 DVD to be released July 1st

Finally CBS/Paramount announced that Season Two Vol 1 (yes, again with the stupid volumes instead of one whole season set) will be released on July 1st, hooray! No doubt that date might move around a bit, but at least we know we're getting half of season two. The whole 'volumes' thing might indicate that they're still unsure of how sales will go, so let's hope they support the release of the second volume.


You can get more info, and a look at the package art (nicely done, again), here at


WHOOP! :P Must celebrate by doing some more caps this weekend.

Screencaps for Ep 1.04 added

I've just posted screencaps for Whose Little Boy Are You? in the episodes section. It was actually a bit of a boring episode to screencap; there's little action and most of the scenes with our guys are talking and office based. It's alot more fun to watch however, and the Veteran is portrayed very well. He seems to drift through the episode oblivious to the wrong he is doing, caught in a dream world where all he can focus on is the happiness he's trying to recapture.

There's also a cool moment in this episode just before Mike goes into the tunnels to try and talk the guy out, where Steve looks at him with no small amount of fear in his eyes - scared that his partner will sacrifice his own safety out of empathy for the 'bad guy'.

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