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Camilla saying "Good-bye"!

Well, the time has come to hand over the reigns of this website to another. I have enjoyed many years of running this site, and have met some fantastic people along the way - I'm so pleased I was able to contribute to the fandom, thank you to everyone who offered me help, gave me lovely feedback, or just got in touch to share their passion for the show.
However, I just don't have the time or energy to do this website justice anymore, and when Daniel eagerly offered to take over, it just seemed to be the right thing to do!
I know the site will be in great hands, good luck Daniel! :D

New book on the show released

Cover PhotoWell-known author on TV series episode guide and background books, James Rosin, has published a comprehensive book all about the show, released very recently and offering tons of interesting information not accessible elsewhere. I recommend you grab a copy of this book - we are short on this kind of fandom material for The Streets of San Francisco, so it's fantastic to see an author putting so much effort into a book like this.

I'd also like to extend a public 'thank you' to James for being so kind as to mention this website on the book acknowledgements page. :)

The 268 pp. guide to our favourite TV crime series is divided into four main sections. Following the foreword and acknowledgements, we are introduced to a comprehensive background information on the series, including personal comments from and interviews with producers, script co-authors and actors such as John Wilder, Cliff Gould, Ed Hume, Walter Grauman, William Hale and Michael Douglas. There are also a lot of details collected from interviews with Karl Malden and reviews published back in the 1970's.

The 40 pp. strong photo section no. 1 presents a large selection of productions pictures and press photos of the episodes from season 1 through season 4, followed by interesting documents and details such as a sample teleplay as well as broadcast memos. The center piece of this section is the 90 pp. episode guide to all the seasons' episodes summary and cast, made round by photo section no. 2 illustrating the fifth and final season on another five pages. A cast list and the synopsis of the TV movie 'Back to The Streets of San Francisco', a compilation of the author's 37 favourite episodes, a trivia list as well as short summaries of the biography of major cast and production stuff makes this comprehensive insight into the series complete. Long story told short: Rosin mainly focuses on writing and pre-production, with a glimpse of actual production and acting. This dedicated work is worth every penny.

You can buy the book on, or order from the publisher's website

Note: Original blog posted by Camilla on September 23, 2011. Book review added by Daniel on July 1, 2013.

Karl Malden: 1912 - 2009

Sadly Karl Malden died at the age of 97 in his home yesterday, from natural causes.

The San Francisco Chronicle published a nice article tracking his career here.

Such a pity to lose an actor that contributed so much to such an awesome show.

Previous CBS remake update incorrect

Apologies guys, I was given incorrect information as the basis for that last blog post. I've deleted the blog I made on March 4th entitled 'Remake dropped by CBS, picked up by ABC-TV' because I don't want people searching on Google finding the post on its own and thinking it is still relevant. The original source for the news revealed recently that it turned out not to be true. Sorry about that. Seems CBS still have the rights to the remake and are looking at sometime in 2010 to get things rolling. I'll keep you updated as and when I hear things, and I'll try and keep things accurate!

Filming locations page and info added

I'm so grateful for all the fans of this show - not only do I get a lot of pleasure from knowing the site is enjoyed, but i also get the occassional motivational nudge to get something done on the site! A French fan contacted me looking for information on filming locations for the show, and I got in touch with Greg Dewar at, a resident of San Francisco who was able to locate Steve Keller's house now in SF based on just a few screencaps I provided (I am still surprised!).
Some internet seaches found Mike Stone's house too, so I've added a page for filming locations, along with screencaps of the houses then and now. Hopefully I'll be able to build on it in the future. Click on Locations to the left or click here to check it out.      
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