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Screencaps for Ep 4.17 added

The screencaps for Requiem for Murder are now available on the episodes' page. The attempt on the life of one of Mike's old friends, Bishop Tim Farrow, alerts Stone and Keller. Although Farrow recovers from his injury, our two cops smell that another attempt on the clergyman's life might be possible. They uncover quite a number of conflicts in Farrow's diocese, providing several motives and suspects inside the church. When Farrow prays in his church after his return from hospital he is shot again - and this time it is a lethal attempt. Following the murder of Tim Farrow, at least four are under suspicion. In the end, an unexpected turn uncovers the truth which offers a different perpetrator - and an unexpected motive as well.

Although much location filming was accomlished at Bishop Farrow's residence in the Pacific Heights as well as in and around his church (which is located far south between Noe Valley and Glen Park), this episode offers a nice variety of additional location filming. Following the attempt on Bishop Farrow's life, Steve is interviewing Father Wilson at his 'street mission' on Potrero Hill - with parts of San Francisco General Hospital visible in background - and Father Wilson and Bishop Farrow are talking in the backyard of Mission Dolores' cemetery. Mike and Steve are interviewing Eddie Madden at a burger place in South Beach, whereas the 'rent strike' takes place in The Mission. Suspect Neil Brenner is detained in that same area, actually just some hundred feet down the street. Finally, as a sidenote, the growing use of random production stills from season four onwards can also be found in this episode. Following the first attempt on his life, Bishop Farrow is taken to a hospital. Interior scenes were probably taken inside one of San Francisco's hospitals but the exterior shot of the building shows Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center which had been used in season four episode Men Will Die already (the use of different perspectives of the building's facade even date back as far as to season one episode Legion Of The Lost and season three episode Solitaire). Only unidentified spot of this episode is the (location-wise) close-up when Steve interviews the woman with the poodle which is supposed to be located close to Bishop Farrow's residence.

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